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On Saturday, April 30, the official end of the most amazing Autism Awareness Month in memory, I went to the Opera Plaza Cinemas in San Francisco to watch VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, directed by Andy Wakefield, produced by Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey.

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Whenever I go to one of these events I have mixed emotions.  More than anything I want the world to know about the cesspool of scientific corruption regarding vaccines and autism at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as revealed by Dr. William Thompson.  On the other hand, what they have done is so horrific, that to be reminded of it so vividly depresses me about human nature.  I know that we have all been horribly abused by the scientific community, the medical profession, and that this has given license to those we hold most dear in our life to doubt what we say about what happened to our children.

And yet the truth endures.  You can not kill it.  And the truth is healing, even if it opens up old wounds.

As I sat in my seat, watching the movie unfold, I felt like I had a front row seat to a boxing match, and I was somebody who knew his way around a ring.  I was familiar with most of the facts, but to see them deployed at strategic places in the film where they would have the greatest impact, like a devastating series of punches, was extremely satisfying.  If you are trying to get friends or family members to go and see the film, I think you should tell them it plays like an extended 60 Minutes story, and that is one of the highest compliments I can give to any documentary.  It is calm, methodical, and powerful.

The viewer is led through the CDC’s Analysis Plan relating to their investigation of the MMR vaccine and autism, as well as the scientific imperative that once a plan is finalized, you do not change it simply because you don’t get the data you want.  That is the very definition of SCIENTIFIC FRAUD, and it is exactly what Dr. William Thompson and his collaborators at the CDC did.  How bad was the fraud?

Among African-American boys, there was a 3.36-fold increase in the rate of autism between those who got the earlier MMR shot and those who got it later.

Among what the CDC authors cleverly called “Isolated Autism”, the rate of increase between early and late MMR shot was around a 7.0-fold increase.  Just for those of you who may be confused at home, “Isolated Autism” is what the wizards at the CDC call a normally developing child without any health problems.   “Isolated” autism simply means you don’t have any other health conditions, not that all your friends, family, and maybe even your spouse will desert you because your child has autism and you want to talk about HOW that happened.

In a legal case, any number above a 2.0-fold increase is convincing proof of causation.

Please also put in your thinking caps, that nowhere in the study did they compare children who got the MMR shot, and children who did not get any MMR shot.  It’s a little bit like looking at the lung cancer rates of those who started smoking at fourteen years old and those who started when they were eighteen.  Later doesn’t mean safe.  It simply means, not as dangerous.  Kind of like drinking three glasses of alcohol before driving home is safer than drinking six glasses of alcohol and doing the same thing.

The showing of the film was also a chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.  I have to let all of you know that it meant more to me than I can express.  I still have not won the recovery lottery with my daughter and every day is still a struggle.  It’s nice to know that even though I have so few friends in my daily life, I have so many more of you out there on the internet.

As much as I am appalled by the wickedness of those CDC scientists who have actively blocked honest scientific investigation into vaccines and autism, I am always humbled by the goodness of so many of the parents of children who have suffered vaccine damage, and the new recruits we keep accumulating to our cause, like producer, Del Bigtree.  We will eventually win this battle and hopefully turn that victory into effective treatments for our children.

Kent Heckelively is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.

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